Santa Cruise, well sort of!

The Santa cruise was not so much of a cruise this year due to the bad weather. The canal was frozen over for about 10 days prior to the cruise and the ice was nearly 2 inches thick, when this happens it is not advisable to take boats out as the ice can cause much damage. The first leg was done on a festively decorated cart with Santa being pulled by two reindeer (Steve and Dean!), they worked their way from the Lakes through Fenny Stratford and up to Simpson, finally reaching Woughton Park for the first mince-pie stop. The ice had been broken on the canal, so Santa did get a short cruise on day two to the stop at Woolstone.  Day three was not such a good day, the canal was still icy and a decision was made not to take the boat and Santa and his little helpers (Dean and Steve, again!) walked the towpath to New Bradwell.  The canal was in a better condition on day four and the boat was taken from Woolstone to Wolveron Park, again by Santa and his little helpers. It was a very cold cruise but many cups of tea helped to keep the frostbite away!

The mice pie stops went well, apart from Wolverton Park as the weather was terrible but we did entice a dog walker to stop and have some mulled juice and a mince-pie. The other stops went well with a few people at each who all spoke to Santa and put in their order for Christmas. Mince pies and mulled juice were abundant and Christmas songs were sung. Everyone who attended enjoyed themselves, including the little boy who could only stare at Santa!

All of the Playboat and MKPA staff would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Here’s to Santa cruise 2011.


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