Most of you won’t be aware that the Iron Trunk aqueduct, Old Wolverton, Grand Union Canal, Milton Keynes, has got to the finals for a Peoples Millions grant of £60,000 to restore it back to its former glory, it also celebrates its 200th birthday this year. It was a feat of engineering for its time and is one of Milton Keynes’ famous landmarks on the canal. The quote below has come from the Peoples Millions website (link below) and this project is up against one other to compete for the grant money, have a look at the website to find out more.

 ‘The Iron Trunk Aqueduct on the Grand Union Canal has made it through to the final six in the Anglia TV region. It will feature on ITV’s People’s Millions on Monday 27 June from 6pm, in the Anglia Tonight news program.’

This link will tell you more about the history of the aqueduct.

 Also, Anglia TV have made a short film, about 2 minutes long, to promote the bid. Funion Bargee was involved with this along with British Waterways, Wolverton & Greenleys Town Council, Slated Row school, Cosgrove school and Radcliffe school. The film will be shown on Anglia Tonight (Monday 27th June) from 6pm.

 Now this is the really important bit. This project needs your vote, you can only vote TODAY, 27th June, by telephone and if you feel the need you can vote up to 10 times from each telephone number. The number is on the webpage but here is it.

0871 626 88 05

 Thank you for your support


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