Belarus children come over to play, again

MKPA are proud to support the charity that brings children from Belarus to the UK for a break. In July we provided a session for them onboard Funion Bargee. They lit a fire and cooked sausages and marshmallows on it (the marshmallows were by far the favourite), they also had a go at making dragonflies and butterflies and did some face painting  along with badminton and circus skills outside. They all went home with a goodie bag and big smiles on their faces. We look forward to seeing them again next year.



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4 responses to “Belarus children come over to play, again

  1. mummy sue

    looks like great fun a very worthy cause

    • nioannou

      Hi Sue, It is a great cause which is why we do it. Its so nice to see them enjoying themselves doing activities they would otherwise not be able to have a go at. Some of them have such a dire home life. They are a great bunch

  2. Hi, Many thanks to Playwork bloggers for highlighting these lovely Bloggers, I knew about the project, but didnt know you had a lovely Blog to go with it .. apologies and I shall be following your updates…. Well done .. more children who are getting the opportunity to @Love Outdoor Play..

    • nioannou

      Hi Jane, good to hear from you, please feel free to share any of this with your playwork contacts it would be great to hear from some of them. We, on Funion Bargee also Love Outdoor Play, you would be very welcome to come and play 🙂

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