Giffard Park School come aboard

Some year 5 & 6’s from Giffard Park School were lucky enough to come aboard Funion Bargee for some lessons. The children walked the short distance from the school, along the towpath to Funion Bargee. The two sessions over two days went very well with the children having the opportunity to discover a new and exciting place to learn. Onboard they were looking for descriptive words to help them with their descriptive writing, they even got the opportunity to meet some canal dwellers: A swan popped by both days to say hello and a moorhen made a short appearance. The children all worked very hard using their imaginations to think about the things they saw, touched, smelt and heard along the canal and in the photos provided for them.
Outside the children did a water safety quiz and learnt how to stay safe, they also learnt S.A.F.E which means Stay Away From The Edge, words used by the Canal & River Trusts children’s website campaign to help children stay safe on the waterways. The activities were enjoyed by all except for, maybe, the ‘shoelace experiment’ There were two buckets one with warm water and the other with very cold water. The children took turns to tie a knot in a shoelace in both buckets, this helped them to understand the effects of cold water if you fall in. Some children liked the activity and others didn’t because the water was too cold!

Children’s comments:
‘I learnt not to go near the edge on my bike’

‘I liked running about and seeing the swan’

‘I enjoyed the descriptive writing because it made me think and was my chance to show how good i can write’

‘I enjoyed putting my hands in the cold water because it was a challenge for you to tie a shoelace’

‘I enjoyed doing a water safety quiz and i enjoyed getting on a boat’

‘I didnt enjoy the cold the first day of the trip’
Teachers comments:
‘Interactions were enthusiastic and encouraging’
‘The staff were accommodating and knowledgable about the barge/canal as well as about the safety aspects.’

We look forward to working with them again soon 🙂


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