Into the Grand Union

Exciting and scary all in one package. The morning of the 21st July and the Funion Bargee is loaded onto the low loader for its journey from Long Itchington to Milton Keynes. It is to be craned into the Grand Union at Willowbridge Marina.

Around 9:00 am the lorry pulls into the yard with FB in all her glory. The crane crew then take what seems ages to determine where abouts to put the straps on the hull, which will ensure FB doesn’t tip up as soon as they attempt to lift her.

Boat Launch 014







Finally the moment comes, anxious father like symptoms as the crane lifts FB towards the canal. Slowly she leaves the safety of the lorry bed, suspended in midair and starts to swing towards the canal. Fifteen tons of pure steel hanging for what seems like an eternity before very very gently being lowered into the canal. A big sigh of relief that all has gone to plan.

Steady as she goes

Steady as she goes

she floats and the right way up!!

she floats and the right way up!!








Now it’s time to fuel up and cruise her to Peartree Bridge for the official launch.


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